Boycott and Defeat Koch Industries

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For a list of Koch products and related info, see the Facebook site Boycott and Defeat Koch Industries. From that site:

See also a list of $5000+ contributors to Gov. Walker (including Koch front groups) at Vote With Ur Wallet.

According to “The Koch Industries Boycott Grows Even Faster” at
Vote With Ur Wallet, March 3, 2011:

In less than a week the call to boycott Koch Industries products has spread like wildfire. Some people were calling for these boycotts when it was announced who Gov. Walker of Wisconsin’s puppet masters were. Then there was the infamous Koch Brothers prank phone call. People around not just the US but the world were floored when they heard the blatant corruption as Gov. Walker spilled the beans to what he thought was David Koch. That is when the boycott got rollerskates.

This was really a true grassroots movement. Those who had already known about the evil of the Koch brothers and their plan to subvert the political and democratic fabric of the nation were right on this. Now many others were jumping on it. People didn’t want to give these people their hard earned dollars and were genuinely offended by what is going on. To make things worse the Koch brothers wrote editorials mocking the American people….

read more at Vote With Ur Wallet



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9 responses to “Boycott and Defeat Koch Industries

  1. Take them down, take them out, and make association with them an anathema to Wisconsinites, Americans, and citizens of the world. I shudder to see what these puppet masters have been doing to subvert our democratic processes and replace it with their own agenda. It is not just sheer corporate greed or increasing their own net worth, they are anti-environmental, anti-education, anti-regulatory beyond even Libertarian ideals, anti-union, against basic freedoms like the rights to assemble, protest, and have equal protections under the law. Vote with your wallets, make yourself heard, petition your elected officials. All it takes are a few small pebbles to start an avalanche…

  2. cool!

    Added several of their products to my shopping list.

    Keep it up !

  3. Janet

    Has anyone checked if these products are made by union members? I can tell you that many of them are

  4. Rick Cross

    Say what you want guys, I’m a trucker and been to many of their businesses some of which are unionized (although I don’t agree with all union ideas and dues) workers at these location seem content. People – well Democrats at least – believe what they are doing by funding these ads is destroying this country. Let me remind you Obama said that presidents using executive power was unconstitutional now look at him.”I got a pen and a phone” if Congress does not do his bidding.

    You can keep your health plan and doctors and save 2500 a year. No one who is a productive member of this country has seen such saving, only those who (for the most part not all) are too lazy to get off their butts and make something of themselves and find loop holes in the system get a break. Those who work and struggle don’t qualify or qualify for assistance that still cost more then they could well afford. So those who this was “designed” to help are not even signing up. Those that had plans lost them and are paying 2 plus times what they were. If you really think the Koch brothers ads about the hardships real Americans are going through are false, I ask you to ask this one question: why then is Obama doing everything in his overreaching powerto back pedal and delay cancellations till after the next presidential election and why do his own party members up for election not want his endorsement?

    Look into it please before you judge the Koch brothers for trying to save this country.

    On a side note cause I know the trucking industry doesn’t get any real coverage, one of the first things this administration did was make the department of transportation aka state patrol officers judge jury and executioner by allowing legislation enabling them to count a warning a automatic conviction of a traffic logbook equipment or other job related violation points toward a CDL. Without and legal chance to fight it in court. Resulting in termination of employment loss of license and the dismantling of trucking company’s because there score was to high. Check out CSA2010 hand book. Just wait till you get pulled over by an officer having a bad day and he has the right without recourse to issue several warnings. Resulting in higher insurance premiums or even the loss of your driving privileges. Due to the points on your license being to high and you have no legal right to defend yourself in court.

    Now I’m ex-military as well with Obama shutting down a open air memorial to vets by spending thousand to blockade it and post guards on what is basically a wall that requires no funding to leave open. Just because Republicans refused to increase funding allowing for more wasted money into his Obamacare program unless he made the very same changes he is now trying to make to make this work. Republicans tried to fix this before it flopped Obama said “I will not negotiate” on Obama care. And refused to talk to anyone if they would not do his bidding. Come on this is not a dictatorship.

    I regret voting for him his first term. But like so many got caught in the lies. I do not associate myself with any party I am a American and not a party. I believe in what is best for America not whats best for my click. And that’s all a political party is. This country was designed by the people (Americans) for the people. Listen to the people not your wallet or political party.

    One last note, cutting our military forces and budget is the worst thing we can even think of doing right now. With Russia raising arms against its neighbors and having proven they now long respect or fear the American forces due to the wimpification (I know it’s not a word) of our leadership. Obama has not once done anything he’s promised or threatened to do. Come on really this I dare you to cross this line… ok I dare you to cross this line…. oh dawn well cross this line strategy I thought was only in cartoons.

  5. I will as of today boycott there products and will post them on tb

  6. Jeffrey Turner

    I can’t stomach what the Koch brothers stand for: greed, control and environmental destruction. I will boycott their products and see what I can do to dismantle their ideals.

  7. I agree 110%, Jeffrey! Great comment. I’m doing the same.

  8. Lou DAlessandro

    I will boycott all companies that support Trump. I will not visit restaurants that support him. I will not see movies with actors that support Trump. He is not my president. He stole this election. Bribes, strong armed companies, paid off anyone in his way. Not my president. Electors need to stand up and say enough is enough.

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