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Paradise Papers Tax Scam Actions

Americans for Tax Fairness

On November 5, reports surfaced about a leaked set of documents from a Bermuda law firm that helps corporations and billionaires avoid paying U.S. taxes. Dubbed the “Paradise Papers,” these documents unveil secrets of the ultra-elite and show that there is one set of rules for the rich and powerful, and another for everyone else.

Over a dozen people from Donald Trump’s inner circle are named in the papers, including Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, who is shown to have significant business ties with Russian oligarchs, previously undisclosed. Other clients of the Bermuda law firm, Appleby, include major US corporations such as Apple, Nike, and Uber, and we expect to learn more about those company’s finances in the coming days.

Under the Ryan-McConnell-Trump Tax Plan, these same millionaires, billionaires, and wealthy corporations who avoid paying what they owe in U.S. taxes will be rewarded with more tax breaks, and the plan will incentivize companies to send jobs overseas.

We call for an immediate halt to consideration of the current GOP Tax Plan (or #TrumpTaxScam). Stand with us and join us in our call to action that:

Will highlight the need to investigate how corporations and billionaires use offshore loopholes to dodge taxes;

Will blast the Ryan-McConnell-Trump Tax Plan by emphasizing the negative impact of shipping jobs overseas; and

Will slam the GOP Tax Bill as a gift to corporations that will encourage them to NOT pay their fair share!

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Trump to ease enforcement of limits on church political activity

By Naomi Jagoda and Lydia Wheeler, The Hill, 5/03/17

President Trump is set to sign an executive order Thursday to make it easier to for churches and other religious groups to participate in politics without jeopardizing their tax-exempt status.

Trump plans to sign an order in the morning that attempts to overcome a provision in the federal tax code prohibiting religious organizations from directly opposing or endorsing political candidates. This prohibition is known as the “Johnson amendment,” because it was proposed by then-Sen. Lyndon Johnson (D-Texas) in the 1950s.

Easing restrictions on church political activity has been a longtime priority for Trump, social conservatives and a number of congressional Republicans. They argue the Johnson amendment stifles churches’ First Amendment rights….

continue reading at The Hill

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The Trumps’ 2005 tax return

In case you’ve been wondering what the .001%’s tax returns look like, download pp. 1-2 of Donald and Melania’s 2005 tax return: Trump’s 2005 Tax Return p. 1-2.

That’s assuming those 2 pages are authentic, which they may or not be.

And here is the accountants’ letter purporting to explain background: Tax_Doc < Trump accountants

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Raise the Wage

Raise the Wage

American workers are long overdue for a raise. The Raise the Wage Act, recently introduced by Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) and Representative Bobby Scott (D-VA), is a strong and responsible plan to raise the minimum wage to $12, increase economic security for working families, and make sure workers across the country can count on wages that lift them and their families out of poverty….

continue reading and sign petition at Raise the Wage

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