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The governor's view

as quoted in Reuters at Truthout, 5/30/08

“I’m a realist, and I think most likely the superdelegates will give Sen. Obama the votes he needs,” Gov. Ed Rendell of Pennsylvania, who endorsed Clinton and helped her win his home state in April, told Bloomberg Television on Wednesday.

“I think it’s very unlikely that Sen. Clinton can prevail. I think that means we’re not going to field our strongest candidate,” he said.

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Gen. Smedley Darlington Butler, 1881-1940: "War Is a Racket"

Butler was one of West Chester’s most distinguished natives. (Others include Bayard Rustin and Horace Pippin.)

Butler was born in West Chester in 1881, rose through his military career to become Major General in the United States Marine Corps, and in 1933 helped defeat a fascist-leaning coup planned against FDR (more here).

To download a pdf of Butler’s famed publication “War Is a Racket,” click here.

FULL TEXT (1935):

War Is A Racket
By Major General Smedley Butler Continue reading

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How to Make a Citizen's Arrest of a War Criminal

From, 5/29/08

*1.* Don’t announce that you’re coming, because the war criminal will escape.

*2.* Pick your war criminal. Here are their names, where to find them, and some of the charges against them.

Bush & Cheney

Read a long list of others here, by state, with explanations

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Reacts to Chavez’s Obama column

letter in Daily Local News, 5/29/08

I got a kick out of the Linda Chavez column in the Daily Local News last week in which she attacked Barack Obama on Iraq. She criticized him for the content of his speech the night of his victory in Oregon and for not citing the article in the New York Times regarding our successes in Iraq.

Interesting that she’s attacking him for the “facts,” when the article in the New York Times appeared in Wednesday’s issue – and his speech was on Tuesday, the day before the article appeared.

We who have actually read his policies and his books and know of the incredible potential of an Obama presidency are aware of what he has done and will do a number of amazing things, but I don’t think any of us have said he can see tomorrow’s newspapers before they are published.

I also noticed she missed a chance to give credit to the one politician in this presidential race, besides Ron Paul, who was right about Iraq from the beginning. But I guess I’m not surprised since, as Stephen Colbert said, “reality has a well-known liberal bias.”

Jamie McVickar
West Vincent

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