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Don’t Panic

by Doug Muder, The Weekly Sift, 7/22/19

Trump is using the same tactics that failed so badly in 2018. It’s not some stroke of genius. It’s all he knows.

I know. I felt it too.

When that crowd in North Carolina started chanting “Send her back. Send her back.”, it was like watching the videos of the Nazi book-burnings, when the flames shot into the sky, and people kept tossing more books onto the pile with a look of revelry on their faces.

The world just goes crazy sometimes. And once it starts, why should it stop? Why won’t that wave of insanity just sweep away everything in its path, leaving behind a country forever changed into something dark and unrecognizable?

Don’t panic.

The news coverage didn’t help. Pundits of the left and right alike were telling us that Trump had seized control of the narrative, and so the 2020 election won’t be about health care or climate change or anything Democrats want to talk about. It will be Trump against “radical”, “socialist” women of color. You may want to discuss democracy and corruption and the rule of law, but the only response you will get is to be asked why you hate America so much….

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Our Divider-in-Chief: Master of the Swamp

By dianeravitch, July 15, 2019

Trump is a master at appealing to the lowest fears and hatreds of the Swamp that is his base.

Like other demagogues in history, he knows how to unleash rage and envy.

He says he is a “stable genius.” He says he is the “least racist person” you will ever meet.

He teaches us what? Lie. Boast. Bully. Insult. Demean all those whom you see as a threat. Demean those who not like you. Demean the Other.

Now he says that certain members of Congress should “go back where they came from.”

How low can he go?

When you think he has touched bottom, he goes even deeper, reaching into the subconscious to stir fear, anxiety, hatred among his base.

I try to ignore him, to never watch or listen. But his pudgy little finger controls the nuclear codes.

He has taught us a lesson about who we are. We are not exceptionable. Any country that could nominate a man with no character, no ethics, no morals, no principles, must look hard in the mirror and ask “Who are we?”

The Republican Party has destroyed itself by falling in step behind the least qualified man, most vicious, most incompetent man in our history. Their silence speaks volumes. They have become spineless creatures in Trump’s Swamp.

If only he would go back where he came from.

Teresa Hanafin of the Boston Globe said it best in her daily Fast Forward column:

Trump’s racist tweets Sunday telling four Democratic congresswomen of color to go back to their countries — all are US citizens and three were born in the US — isn’t really about those four young women. It’s about all of us.

It’s about all among us who are people of color, awaking today to a world deliberately made more dangerous for them by the occupant of the Oval Office. As New York Times columnist Tom Friedman said, Trump’s tweets make them targets in a country full of guns.

It’s about all of us who are too gutless to condemn the phrase popular with white supremacists — “Go back where you came from” — and the divisive us vs. them mentality that is the hallmark of the Trump presidency.

It’s a phrase one expects to hear on the street from knuckle-draggers, not from the West Wing.

British PM Theresa May condemned the tweets — “The language that was used to refer to these women was completely unacceptable” — but a) she didn’t mention Trump by name and b) she’s a short-timer with nothing to lose.

Yet even she was more forthright than Republicans in Congress, only two of whom have addressed the issue. Representative Chip Roy of Texas tweeted: “POTUS was wrong to say any American citizen, whether in Congress or not, has any ‘home’ besides the U.S.”

And then came the predictable “but:” “But I just as strongly believe non-citizens who abuse our immigration laws should be sent home immediately, & Reps who refuse to defend America should be sent home 11/2020.” In other words, “Sorry for criticizing you, boss; I’m really on your side so please please please don’t hurt me.”

Ditto Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, who this morning offered mealy-mouthed advice to Trump — “Aim higher” — before launching his own attack against the young women, calling them anti-Semitic and saying they hate the US.

The calculus of GOP members of Congress is purely political: They are deathly afraid that Trump will primary them, finding more sycophantic Republicans to challenge them. They value power more than principle, incumbency more than integrity, muscle more than morality.

This feels like a turning point in our country: When there are no repercussions for racism, what’s next?

Remember when Hillary Clinton said during the 2016 campaign that Democrats have to understand and empathize with Trump supporters who “feel that the government has let them down?” And that many others belong in a “basket of deplorables” because they have racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic tendencies that Trump elevates and celebrates, and the world went nuts that she would dare to call them out?

What’s funny is that many Americans wish Trump would go back to the country where his allegiance really lies: Mother Russia. I hear the meatloaf in the Kremlin is delicious.

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Showing Up for Racial Justice, December 9

download poster here: Showing Up for Racial Justice

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Congress Passes Measure Challenging Trump to Denounce Hate Groups

By GLENN THRUSH, New York Times, SEPT. 12, 2017

WASHINGTON — The House and Senate have unanimously passed a joint resolution urging President Trump to denounce racist and anti-Semitic hate groups, sending a blunt message of dissatisfaction with the president’s initial, equivocal response to the white nationalist violence in Charlottesville, Va., last month.

The resolution passed the Senate without dissent on Monday and was approved without objection by the entire House on Tuesday night. It could be sent to the White House for Mr. Trump’s signature as early as Wednesday….

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