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Restoring the Draft

Kurt Jaworski in the Philadelphia Inquirer – December 10, 2006 Continue reading

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Lots of Ideas on Iraq

Kurt Jaworski in The Philadelphia Inquirer – Dec. 31, 2006

If one believes that “Dems offer nothing” (Letters, Dec. 24) insofar as Iraq, may I suggest that this act of judgment offers both untimely partisan poison and recklessly misplaced responsibility. After all, those who forced Iraq are now much like the incompetent and wearying brain surgeon, who, long on bluster but short on skill, suddenly suggests mid-surgery “Here, you fix it.” Oddly, the president and his supporters seem to take a certain warped pride in the unsolvable nature of their catastrophe.

In regard to new ideas, did not Sen. Joseph Biden (D., Del.) offer a detailed plan for defusing the Iraq war via partitioning? Did not Rep. John Murtha (D., Pa.) advocate troop redeployment much in advance of those who, after attempting to destroy him, now have accepted its inevitability? Did not the bipartisan Iraq Study Group offer dozens of suggestions relating to regional buy-in and metered troop reductions? Of course, there are plenty of ideas out there, ideas provided by members of both parties, but very few painless or guaranteed solutions.

Let us not forget that every decision regarding this war has been approached through the ruling party’s political filter, from the forced invasion to the current intransigence regarding alternative solutions, and that America made its sharp displeasure over such leadership known Nov. 7.

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From one of our correspondents in Iraq: I finally took a tour with the local authority Continue reading

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Jaworski on Webb

Webb, I submit, is, or could be, the party’s future. (And apparently with his face-of-the-party rebuttal selection, the party powers-that-be may agree.)

He offers a compelling mix of Edwards’ “Two America’s” Populism and McCain’s military family credibility. Plus his delivery and demeanor capture a gutsy, truth-to-power and independent brand of patriotism that is a tonic for an America suffering from lie-fatigue.

In addition, he has already shown a remarkable facility for creating memorable public moments by way of carefully selected props — the son’s boots, and last night, his father’s taken-nightly-to-bed airman’s photo.

In total, I would characterize this writer and significant thinker as one of the most compelling political personas to hit the scene in quite some time. Best of luck to him.

Kurt Jaworski

(special to Progressive Network)

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