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Average Americans?

letter, Daily Local News, 4/6/12

After two costly wars, tax cuts to the very wealthy, a financial near-meltdown, and the resultant recession, the still-recovering economy has been very much on people’s minds, and deficits and debts of course have to be met.

In order to do so, the Obama administration has basically advocated reducing expenses wherever possible, closing corporate and other loopholes, and increasing revenue by following the “Buffett Rule” of “fair share” tax rates for all.

To make up for the deficits and debts, Republican candidates have endorsed the “Ryan Plan,” which, among other things, would reduce or even eliminate portions of Medicare and Medicaid, already paid into by every working American.

We all need to look carefully at these two different sets of priorities, and consequences, between now and this November’s election, and at who’s really thinking of, and working for, average Americans.

David W. Long
West Chester

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To cut deficits, cut war spending

letter, Daily Local News, 4/28/11

There’s been a lot of talk lately about reducing deficits, even with harsh measures for public services and average Americans.

This in itself is rather unusual, considering the many years these deficits have been accumulating and piling up.

One area not often mentioned is that of reducing Pentagon, military, and war spending. This is sometimes not referred to as “spending” at all, but a taxpayer dollar spent there is naturally as much as one anywhere else.

These and related items account for about 56 percent of our national budget, roughly as much as all other countries combined.

War is, of course, an exceedingly costly undertaking, usually costing more and lasting longer than originally thought, and we have been involved in war now going on 10 years.

Some segments of the country profit from the preparation, execution, and recovery from war, but not the great majority of our people and society, those actually paying for it.

A number of representatives and senators, of various political persuasions, have proposed significantly reducing these expenditures to offset the deficits, they can be easily found on the Internet, and would certainly welcome any or all support.

David W. Long
West Chester

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War’s cost affects us all

letter in Philadelphia Inquirer, 4/14/10:

Thanks for the excellent editorial Tuesday “Price of war too high.” Progressive leaders and peace organizations have for years published such statistics as you cite, but these were often ignored until the economic downturn.

War is extremely costly, not only in tax dollars spent, but jobs at home not created, innovations and improvements not explored, driving up of deficits and national debt, and material destroyed and lives wounded or killed. Suffering of course cannot even be calculated.

There are better, more effective ways of dealing with dangers or threats.

David W. Long
West Chester

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Here we go again

letter in Daily Local News, 12/10/09:

It is said that in any war every one of the Ten Commandments is broken grievously and often — not to kill, not to steal, not to covet, not to bear false witness, not to commit adultery, not to take the Lord’s name in vain, not to forsake the sabbath, not to dishonor one’s parents, not to bow down to a graven image, not to have gods beside God.

Do people remember reading “The Red Badge of Courage,” “All’s Quiet on the Western Front,” “From Here to Eternity,” “The Naked and the Dead” or similar accounts? The individuals who wrote those books had “been there,” and like Elijah, came back to tell about it. Most of us haven’t been listening very well, have we?

Now even with Obama it seems, here we go again, to an escalated war in Afghanistan, and the breaking of every one of those and other morals and ethics, by all sides, all over again.

But who really sees, or cares, or speaks? And who will be available to rebuild what is destroyed or provide for the widows and orphans left behind?

David W. Long
West Chester

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