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Bad timing, Cal! (Porter in Daily Local News, 3/15/2007)

Sometimes even conservatives like columnist Cal Thomas can amuse Continue reading


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Pitts viewpoint no surprise (Turgeon to Daily Local, 3/15/2007)

Gee what a surprise that Representative Joe Pitts is in total lockstep agreement with President Bush’s latest plan Continue reading

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No right to order prayers at meetings

Daily Local News, Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Like all too many Christians, James Hanak confuses the rights of the individual to be free of coercion and interference by the state with the authority of an individual when speaking in a capacity as a government official.

In his article (DLN, March 6) he claims unless Patsy Ray and Kurt Schenk are allowed to order those attending a City Council meeting to stand and repeat the prayers of a particular Christian sect, then Ray and Schenk are being somehow deprived of their religious rights. That’s total nonsense! Continue reading

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Testimonies from Iraqi refugees in Syria

The first-person stories that follow were gathered, in Arabic, Continue reading

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