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Russ Feingold: GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt must go

from Meredith Shiner, “Russ Feingold: GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt must go,” Politico, 3/30/11:

…How can someone like Immelt be given the responsibility of heading a jobs creation task force when his company has been creating more jobs overseas while reducing its American workforce? And under Immelt’s direction, GE spends hundreds of millions of dollars hiring lawyers and lobbyists to evade taxes.”

Read the full article at Politico

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Fellowship of Reconciliation statement

The following interfaith statement was endorsed and signed by Mark Johnson on behalf of the Fellowship of Reconciliation on March 29, 2011.

We, religious leaders from the faith community, stand together with our neighbors that have defended the Muslim community against Islamophobia, a new form of hate. Efforts such as the hearings called by Rep. Peter King serve to perpetuate fear and anger directed at Muslims, and endanger America’s religious freedom and diversity.

We now call upon people of all faiths to come out with their families on April 9 in New York City and April 10 in San Francisco to defend basic freedoms, and to stand in solidarity with our neighbors in the fight for justice at home and abroad, for peace and jobs, against wars and terrorism and to bring our troops home.

We defend the rights of unions to bargain and the rights of the undocumented workers to due process of law. We demand reform of our justice system to eliminate secret evidence and consistent criminalization of inner-city communities.

We support the rights of all people to practice their beliefs in peace at home and abroad and equal opportunity for all. We ask the Congress to conduct hearings against the rise of hate and hate groups in the United States.

Together we urge that the untold billions of dollars now spent for war instead be used for peoples’ needs at home.

Fellowship of Reconciliation  | P.O. Box 271, Nyack, NY 10960  | (845) 358-4601

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Physicians for Social Responsibility Calls for a US Moratorium on New Nuclear Reactors, Citing Medical Risks

Physicians for Social Responsibility, 3/19/11

Warns Any Radiation Exposure Is Unsafe

Washington, DC – March 19, 2011 – Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR) today called for a nationwide moratorium on new nuclear reactors in the United States and a suspension of operations at the nuclear reactors with a similar design as those involved in the disaster in Japan, as well as those on fault lines. PSR cited the medical risks associated with any level of radiation exposure regardless of how small. Lower doses result in less chance of harm than higher doses, but any dose level can put an individual at risk.

“There is no safe level of radiation exposure,” said Jeff Patterson, MD, immediate past president of Physicians for Social Responsibility. “The direction of the wind and the amount of radioactivity released is going to determine the extent of the impact on human health. If the wind changes direction, a large release of radioactivity from the Fukushima reactors would have far-reaching medical consequences in Japan. Medical treatment for radiation is limited, at best.”

“One of the basic tenets of medicine is that if you don’t have a cure for something, you should prevent it from happening in the first place,” said Alan H. Lockwood, MD, a member of the Board of Physicians for Social Responsibility. “The only way to avoid nuclear accidents is to not build nuclear reactors.”…

keep reading at Physicians for Social Responsibility

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Tell President Obama that you oppose risky loan guarantees for new reactors!

Physicians for Social Responsibility, 3/25/11

Tell President Obama that you oppose risky loan guarantees for new reactors!

Take Action!

The amount of devastation in Japan is truly staggering. The massive earthquake of March 11 was followed by a tsunami and a nuclear crisis at the Fukushima-Daiichi reactors. Radiation has been released as a result of at least three partial meltdowns, explosions, and fires. Increased radiation levels have been found in milk, at least 11 types of produce, and water as far away as Tokyo.

Despite the fact that the disaster at the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan is still unfolding, President Obama has already twice announced that he intends to continue support for building new reactors in the United States. He has not backed down from his Fiscal Year 2012 request for another $36 billion in loan guarantees for new reactors. This would be on top of the $18.5 billion already authorized.

Loan guarantees for new reactors were costly and economically risky even before the Japanese crisis. This accident reminds us once again that they are also a threat to human health. Loan guarantees would shift these enormous risks onto the taxpayer.

Tell President Obama that you oppose risky loan guarantees for new reactors!


Peter Wilk, MD
Executive Director

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