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Today (Monday 6/11) the Senate will vote on a “no-confidence” resolution against Attorney General Alberto Gonzales for lying about … well, everything. Of course we want all Senators to vote “yes” but that’s not nearly enough for the man who authorized illegal wiretapping of thousands (millions?) of U.S. citizens and illegal torture of anyone Emperor Bush deems an “enemy combatant.” For those and other reasons, tell your Senators and Representatives to Impeach Alberto Gonzales:

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One of the results of being in the thick of things here is that you quickly learn to distinguish incoming missiles from outgoing artillery. The importance of this of course, is that for incoming missiles it is a good idea to hit the deck or get to a bunker. For outgoing artillery it is important to tease the soldiers who hit the deck or run for a bunker.

Oddly, I have slept better here at Echo than I have anywhere for the past two years. I don’t even wake up for outgoing rounds anymore. Odd. Soldiers are so complacent about the rockets now, that when a rocket landed outside the DFAC and we all cleared out, everyone returned within 5 minutes… 15 minutes before the staff returned.

The soldiers, who had not gotten a chance to eat before the alert, simply went behind the counters and helped themselves. I may have joined others in indulging in my childhood desire to operate the ice cream scooper. Eventually we got busted, however, when the staff came out of their bunker and seized control of the ladles.

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Falwell: the short version

“If you’re not a born-again Christian, you’re a failure as a human being.”  — Jerry Falwell

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Bush announces post-presidential plans

Crawford TX 6/10/07

With the countdown on his presidency eagerly watched by his foes, George W. Bush’s remaining admirers have been pressing him to declare his projects for after January 2009.

“President Clinton is working for AIDS treatment around the world; President Carter is conquering guinea worm and now moving on to malaria; I’ve wanted to do something closer to home,” President Bush said; “I’m becoming a NASCAR driver.”

Press secretary Tony Snow explained: “It’s not all that different from what he’s doing now: he’ll try to stay out ahead of the people chasing after him, encourage gas, oil, and rubber consumption, and advertise his sponsor, the great ex-American company Halliburton.”

The First Lady, Laura Bush, exulted: “It’s the perfect job for him. Georgie has always enjoyed model cars, and now he can drive real ones and get away from those pesky Secret Service chauffeurs. He can forget all those big words he’s had to learn in the White House. We’ll be installing a 2.5-mile race track on the ranch,” she added, “paid for by Exxon-Mobil.”

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