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Gaza Freedom March Rumbles Into the Egyptian Security Services

Tuesday 29 December 2009
by: Max Ajl, Truthout | Report

Cairo, Egypt – Lines of black-clad Egyptian riot police descended upon hundreds of French activists lining up in front of a rank of riot barriers separating the street and the sidewalk in front of the French Embassy in Cairo, locking the French activists into place. Dozens of police troop carriers lined the far side of the boulevard. Red water cannons sat behind them – palpably menacing. The French activists are part of the European Palestine solidarity group, EuroPalestine. They number about 300.

Later, Egyptian security forces hemmed in a couple of American activists at the American embassy. Most of these activists were Americans who had signed a pledge to be nonviolent. As I write, hundreds more are on the steps of the Egyptian press syndicate. Secret police huddle nearby, muttering into their walkie-talkies. Two squadrons of serried riot cops, armed with truncheons and guarded by Plexiglas shields, are on either side of the steel riot barriers sitting in front of the protesters, walling them off, or trying to wall them off, from the Egyptian public. Continue reading

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Rush to judgment by the other side

letter in Daily Local News, Monday, December 21, 2009

There have been several letters published by the Daily Local in response to the e-mails hacked from East Anglia’s research center. While I agree that the content of the e-mails should be thoroughly reviewed, I also think it absurd for people to immediately assume this proves global warming is a hoax and ends the debate.

Doesn’t such a reaction represent the same rush to judgment that most global warming skeptics accuse the scientific community of? Apparently a rush to judgment is OK if the judgment happens to be what you agree with.

What makes me even crazier is people who want to compare global warming to the short-lived Ice Age scare from the 1970s as Paul Linsen does in his letter of Dec. 15. A quick Google will result in learning that the Ice Age scare was, primarily, a media-based phenomenon. It was never widely accepted by the scientific community. In fact, even back in the 1970s most scientific studies predicted warming.

Finally a recent letter published by the Daily Local citing the hacked e-mails as a final judgment on global warming proceeds to take a pot shot at hybrid-only parking spaces. Why anybody would argue against hybrid cars is beyond me. Our dependence on foreign oil is a national security issue and no amount of domestic drilling can compensate for the amount of oil we import.

So unless people like the idea of putting billions of dollars in the hands of those who hate us and who may use that money to fund terrorism, maybe we should all consider driving a hybrid.

John Emmet

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