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For a Robin Hood Tax on Wall St.

Robin Hood Tax

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by | February 27, 2015 · 3:22 pm

Incarceration & slavery

Incarceration> slavery

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by | February 26, 2015 · 3:41 pm

Act 192: a bullying tactic from the gun lobby


We’ve known from the start that Act 192 was a bullying tactic from the greedy gun lobby focused on suing our towns and cities. The threatening letters and lawsuits have begun, as the gun lobby takes aim at our cities.

But now they’re taking it to a new level.

Some of the cities that are being sued have set up legal defense funds to ask for help from citizens to fight back–pretty standard stuff. But now the gun lobby wants local district attorneys to prosecute PA citizens who contribute to legal defense funds. That’s right — those gun bullies are claiming that contributing to a city’s legal defense fund is somehow criminal activity!

It’s plain to see what’s happening. When you empower bullies, they turn into monsters — and become enraged when anyone challenges them. They are so afraid that Act 192 is going to be struck down that they are rushing to bully, threaten and sue anyone who tries to stand up for PA cities. Well, we won’t back down and we won’t be bullied.

But our legislators in Harrisburg need to know the impact of their last minute, late night gift to the gun lobby. Will you take a minute and make sure your legislator knows what that vote set in motion and the monster it unleashed?

[sign petition to your legislators here]

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White House Brainstorms Bibi Snubs — Will Admin Play Its Trumps?

by Robert Naiman, Huffington Post, 2/23/2015

AP reports that the White House is now brainstorming more ways that they could undercut Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s planned speech to Congress on March 3, in which Netanyahu is expected to attack President Obama and U.S.-European efforts to reach a diplomatic agreement with Iran. Among the options being considered:

a presidential interview with a prominent journalist known for coverage of the rift between Obama and Netanyahu, multiple Sunday show television appearances by senior national security aides and a pointed snub of America’s leading pro-Israel lobby, which is holding its annual meeting while Netanyahu is in Washington, according to the officials.

… the White House is now doubling down on a cold-shoulder strategy, including dispatching Cabinet members out of the country and sending a lower-ranking official than normal to represent the administration at the annual policy conference of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, the officials said.

A great place to start would be for the White House to ask Congressional Democrats to skip Netanyahu’s speech….

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