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To protect Pennsylvania, we must reject restore

Opinion at PennLive, Sep 13

By Sam Bernhardt, Pennsylvania Director at the national advocacy group Food & Water Watch.

The early summer budget battles in Harrisburg have mostly faded from view, but a larger fight is looming over Governor Tom Wolf’s top policy priority this fall: Creating a slush fund backed by fracking bonds.

The governor’s office has a more appealing name for their plan. “Restore Pennsylvania” is supposed to be a clever way to fund new infrastructure projects. But the governor’s scheme is a new spin on an old idea: A ‘severance tax’ on gas drilling. Wolf has tried and failed with this approach several times before, so this time he added a twist: Selling $4.5 billion in bonds, and plowing that money into a laundry list of public works projects and business-friendly incentives. The money would be paid back by a new tax on fracking….

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“Half-Mile, Upwind, On Foot” film re pipelines, April 19

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by | April 11, 2019 · 8:34 am

PennEnvironment in Chester County: One climate defender at a time

By Richard Gaw, Chester County Press, 3/26/2019

Jess Cadorette, the Chester County volunteer coordinator for PennEnvironment’s efforts in the county, sat at a coffee shop in West Chester on a recent Friday, at the end of a week where she had already been everywhere.

The extra-large strawberry beverage she enjoyed was merely a brief respite in a whirlwind tour of the county. Earlier that week, she conducted volunteer education with a few of PennEnvironment’s more than 400 volunteer citizens in the county – called “climate defenders.” She met with colleagues in the environmental industry, and she arranged meet-and-greets between elected officials and volunteers. In between, she continued to put the finishing touches on the upcoming “Chester County 100% Renewable Energy Expo & Discussion,” which will be held March 30 at West Whiteland Township in Exton, and co-hosted by PennEnvironment and the Sierra Club of Chester County.

For Cadorette, who has been with the PennEnvironment for the past two years, it’s a job marked by miles, advocacy and patience – from Oxford to Nottingham, from Kennett Square to East and West Whiteland townships, and from restaurants to community fairs to information table shows, all in an effort to ratchet up citizens’ voices in support of science and the need for expediency, she said….

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Chester County Gets ‘F’ Air Quality Grade In New Study

Well, this is worrisome, especially when Chester County is used to seeing itself as well-to-do, environmentally conscious, and health:

Chester County Gets ‘F’ Air Quality Grade In New Study

By Justin Heinze, Phoenixville Patch, Apr 19, 2018

The American Lung Association released its “State of the Air 2018” report and gave Chester County an F grade for ozone pollution.

The American Lung Association released its “State of the Air 2018” report this week and gave Chester County an F grade for ozone pollution. The study also found that overall, ozone pollution has worsened significantly in America from 2014-2016 compared to its previous report, which looked at 2013-2015.

To determine the pollution grade, the American Lung Association assigned increasing weights to the days when air pollution levels reached higher ranges. Those were added together, and the weighted average was calculated. Grades were then assigned based on that weighted average….

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