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Progressive ratings of Congress

ProgressivePunch rates the US House of Representatives for progressive votes on individual issues and overall. Their overall ratings for SE PA, out of 431 in Congress, based on 2009-10 votes, are:

51 (tied) Robert Brady, CD 01 (-0.80)
57 (tied) Chaka Fattah, CD 02 (+5.70)
145 Allyson Schwartz, CD 13 (-2.22)
156 Joe Sestak, CD 07 (-7.18)
176 Patrick Murphy, CD 08 (-22.62)
266 Jim Gerlach, CD 06 (-74.59)
376 (tied) Joe Pitts, CD 16 (-70.77)

The second figure, in parentheses, compares the rating to the district. E.g., Gerlach and Pitts are ranked far less progressive than their districts.

Check the full chart for lifetime rankings and rankings by individual issues.

We find, for example, that on environment, supposedly one of his strong points, Gerlach’s lifetime votes earn him 262nd place. Since on all issues his district is rated “Strong Dem,” maybe he has a problem here?

In the Senate, based on 2009-10 votes:

Casey 32 (+5.20)
Specter 56 (-50.90)

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Does Your Representative Show the Military Industrial Complex Enough Love? (I’m Naming Names)

by rossl, March 10, 2010, at Alternet

Today in America there is a big and under-reported issue. There are actually people out there, some of them unbelievably in Congress, crazy enough to challenge that great American institution, the military industrial complex. Who doesn’t love Halliburton? Or Dick Cheney? Or the Iraq War? Or useless projects that do nothing more than enrich and empower an already powerful and rich elite?

I’ll tell you who. 65 good for nothin’ Congresspeople. They’re the ones who today voted against a symbolic resolution to get our troops out of Afghanistan.

Now, cutting the snark, so many of the other 356 don’t even have the gall to vote against a symbolic resolution to end a war! I understand that some people honestly support it, but when less than half of the country supports the war in Afghanistan, it’s a bad sign that all of these Congresspeople still do:

keep reading at Alternet

(The 356 include all 5 SEPA representatives, D and R alike.)

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