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Pennsylvania: Speaker of the House Berates Public Schools and Their Teachers, Praises Charters

By dianeravitch, September 22, 2019

Once again, we are reminded that charter schools are a Republican cause, and their champion is Betsy DeVos.

Mike Turzai, Republican Speaker of the House in Pennsylvania, was on his way to a meeting with Betsy DeVos when he encountered some public school teachers, who were picketing with signs saying they loved their public schools.

Turzai found this deeply offensive, and he proceeded to lambaste the teachers as a “special interest group” defending a “monopoly.”

In the video, Turzai praised charter schools, which receive government funding but operate independently of the public school system, saying that in charter schools. “you have to care about each child, not about the monopoly.” He then claimed that the public school advocates were part of a monopoly

“What you care about is a monopoly and special interests,” said Turzai, whose district encompasses the North Hills municipalities of McCandless, Pine, Marshall, Bradford Woods, and Franklin Park.

One of the advocates then said, “I am little offended from that,” to which Turzai responded, pointing to the posters they were holding, “Oh, I am offended by your posters.”

One poster read “I love public schools.” The other read “Public Money for Public Schools.”

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To protect Pennsylvania, we must reject restore

Opinion at PennLive, Sep 13

By Sam Bernhardt, Pennsylvania Director at the national advocacy group Food & Water Watch.

The early summer budget battles in Harrisburg have mostly faded from view, but a larger fight is looming over Governor Tom Wolf’s top policy priority this fall: Creating a slush fund backed by fracking bonds.

The governor’s office has a more appealing name for their plan. “Restore Pennsylvania” is supposed to be a clever way to fund new infrastructure projects. But the governor’s scheme is a new spin on an old idea: A ‘severance tax’ on gas drilling. Wolf has tried and failed with this approach several times before, so this time he added a twist: Selling $4.5 billion in bonds, and plowing that money into a laundry list of public works projects and business-friendly incentives. The money would be paid back by a new tax on fracking….

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