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It’s time to work on America’s agenda

by Elizabeth Warren, Washington Post, 11/7/14

There have been terrible, horrible, no good, very bad Election Days for Democrats before — and Republicans have had a few of those, too. Such days are always followed by plenty of pronouncements about what just changed and what’s going to be different going forward.

But for all the talk of change in Washington and in states where one party is taking over from another, one thing has not changed: The stock market and gross domestic product keep going up, while families are getting squeezed hard by an economy that isn’t working for them.

The solution to this isn’t a basket of quickly passed laws designed to prove Congress can do something — anything. The solution isn’t for the president to cut deals — any deals — just to show he can do business. The solution requires an honest recognition of the kind of changes needed if families are going to get a shot at building a secure future.

It’s not about big government or small government. It’s not the size of government that worries people; rather it’s deep-down concern over who government works for. People are ready to work, ready to do their part, ready to fight for their futures and their kids’ futures, but they see a government that bows and scrapes for big corporations, big banks, big oil companies and big political donors — and they know this government does not work for them.,,,

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Koch Party Wins Big, Planet in Peril

by Mary Bottari, PRWatch, 11/10/14

As humorist Andy Borowitz predicted, billionaires retained control of the U.S. government.

But the result is no joke. These folks are not your run-of-the-mill billionaires, they are billionaires advancing a business model “that has declared war on life,” suggests author Naomi Klein.

With seven new seats in the U.S. Senate and 12 in the House, with four new Republican governors and a significant number of wins in state houses across the country, the Kochs are on a roll.

“The Kochs are our homegrown oligarchs; they’ve cornered the market on Republican politics and are nakedly attempting to buy Congress and the White House,” Tim Dickinson recently wrote in Rolling Stone.

But every win for the billionaire industrialists is a setback for people and the planet. That is because their fortune and their agenda is fueled by refineries, pipelines, and petcoke. “Burn, baby, burn” isn’t a cute slogan for David and Charles — it’s their reason for being.

As the planet cooks at an accelerating rate, the stakes have never been higher….

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This Democratic Party Is Going Nowhere. Can Progressives Take it Over and Change the World?

By Alan Minsky, Truthdig, 11/8/14, excerpts:

…the Congressional Progressive Caucus is larger now than the Tea Party Caucus ever has been—yet given its relative influence on the national discourse, the CPC’s anonymity is no surprise. The progressive caucus is simply not as aggressive or as focused a political force as the tea party.

This has to change, and if it does, progressives will go into the next election cycle holding a winning hand. All they have to do is boldly introduce themselves to the public, establish very clearly what they stand for and present themselves as a unified front in 2016. Even if they just hold on to the seats they currently hold, the results will have the appearance of a national victory for a unified insurgent movement.

This might seem like petty gamesmanship, but it’s not. The GOP has been running on economic populism, claiming to represent the interests of working people, and winning elections. To date, the Democrats have failed pathetically to expose this lie—and only leftist progressives can really make the case.

Furthermore, as issues such as the Keystone XL pipeline, attacks on the EPA, Social Security reform or the Trans-Pacific Partnership take center stage in the next year, leftist progressives have to fight back as fiercely as the tea party did in Obama’s first year and a half….

if you list the components of what a leftist progressive platform might look like, it’s clear that many of the policies would have majority support: Continue reading

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Democracy somewhere?

Democracy somewhere.jpg

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