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Kennett Township officials urged to think green

By Matt Freeman, For Digital First Media, Daily Local News, 10/16/16

KENNETT TOWNSHIP >> The agenda for Kennett Township’s monthly meeting last night could arguably have been edited down to one line: the environmentalists’ maxim, “Think globally, act locally.”

Sierra Club representative Paula Kline told the supervisors that the organization was asking the nation’s municipalities to pledge to convert to entirely renewable energy sources by 2050.

Kline said the emissions from fossil fuels used by local governments contribute to the rising temperatures driving the global climate-change crisis. She mentioned the Paris Agreement a year ago, in which nearly 200 nations agreed to try to limit temperature rise to 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial norms.

Business as usual, Kline said, would allow temperatures to rise almost six degrees. “What we understand as life on earth will be irrevocably changed,” she said. “It’s urgent and our time is limited.”

Flooding, drought, food scarcity and other effects of climate change will impose a burden on local governments, Kline said.

The steps Kline recommended were substituting renewable electricity sources for those derived from fossil fuels. Technology has improved to where this is a relatively easy thing to do, she said, although converting heating to all-renewable energy was more of a challenge.

Kline said she would be glad to provide information from the Sierra Club to help the supervisors in their future energy-use planning….

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Was Greedy Old Party.

Now Old Gropers Party.

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