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The Fourth of July Reminds Us to Fight to Recover and Repair Our Democracy

By dianeravitch, July 4, 2018

This is what July 4, 2018, means to me.

Not hot dogs, mustard, and potato chips, but our obligation to fight for our democracy.

At the present time, we are losing it day by day.

The U.S. Supreme Court has recently approved state laws that purge voters from the voting rolls because they have not consistently voted. It is not difficult to determine whether voters have died or moved out of state. Meanwhile, a basic right is whittled away because it was not exercised.

The high court recently approved racial gerrymandering.

The high court approved a Muslim Ban disguised as a national security issue.

The high court in Janus struck a blow at labor unions, allowing free riders to collect benefits without paying any dues.

The high court will soon be dominated by five justices determined to overturn Roe V. Wade and gay rights.

The administration wants to destroy the healthcare on which millions of Americans rely.

The administration denies climate change and is repealing regulations that protect the environment, Our air, our water, our national parks.

Our president and attorney general callously initiated a policy of separating children from their parents at the Southern border, some as young as three months, and cruelly shipped them far away. More than 2,000 have not been returned to their parents. Children and families languish in cages. We have become a pariah among nations, known for our cruelty, belligerence, and stupidity.

The administration daily insults our allies and courts the friendship of dictators.

Now is the time to resist.

Now is the time to recall the brave history of dissent and protest.

The best way to demonstrate your love of country is to resist, protest, demonstrate, join with others who are committed to democracy, equal rights, and the rule of law.

We must together stop the precipitous descent into fascism and plutocracy.

We must pledge ourselves to fight for the America we love, the America put at risk by venal, malevolent, unethical, and greedy leaders.

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Has your candidate signed the ethics pledge?

See more about the No-Nonsense pledge (including which candidates have accepted it and download the wording) here

Candidates signed No Nonsense?

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Shut Down Berks County Detention Center

from Vamos Juntos

About Berks

The Berks County Detention Center, known officially as the Berks County Residential Center, is a prison for immigrant families, where children as young as two-weeks-old have been incarcerated. The PA Department of Human Services (“PA DHS”) is responsible for erroneously licensing the facility to operate, despite their mission to “provide and promote safety and permanency for children and youth at risk of abuse, neglect and delinquency.” Berks is currently operating in direct violation of the license according to Pennsylvania law. DHS Secretary Ted Dallas needs to immediately issue an Emergency Removal Order so the families can be released.

Incarceration of families simply put, is immoral. Families have suffered trauma in order to arrive to the U.S. only to be met with more abuse at the hands of our government. Families detained in the Berks County Detention Center have reported verbal, labor and sexual abuse from staff, have suffered from medical neglect, and are now having their due process rights violated by ICE, which has begun to deport families before they are allowed sufficient time to find legal counsel….

continue reading at Vamos Juntos

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