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Koch Products & Companies from Boycott Koch Brothers

from Boycott Koch Brothers [these are the most recognizable consumer brands in the Koch repertoire]

Koch Products & Companies Include:

– Angel Soft
– Angel Soft Ultra
– Brawny paper towels
– Dixie cups (& napkins & plates)
– Insulair cups
– Perfect Touch cups, paper products
– Quilted Northern
– Sparkle paper towels
– Stainmaster
– Vanity Fair napkins & paper towels
– Mardis Gras napkins
– Zee Napkins
– Georgia Pacific products

Home/Office papers:
– Advantage
– Image Plus
– Spectrum

– American Greetings
(Kochs own minority
– Guardian Glass
(Kochs own 44%)
– Stainmaster
– Lycra
– Teflon

Building supplies:
– Georgia Pacific


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One Quarter of US Greenhouse Gases Come From Just 43 Companies


25.18% of U.S. greenhouse gases are being emitted by only 43 firms, according to figures tabulated by the Political Economy Research Institute (PERI), from corporate filings with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, as of the latest available year, which was 2011.

PERI, which is sponsored by the Economics Department at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, lists the largest 100 emitters at its website….

The Koch brothers’ firm, Koch Industries, is #27 on this list, and generates 0.36% of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions. The Kochs are additionally #14 on PERI’s list of “Toxic 100 Air Polluters” (which measures toxins put into the air). The top five on that list, in order, are: Precision Castparts, E.I. du Pont de Nemours, Bayer, Dow, and ExxonMobil. ExxonMobil is also #14 on the greenhouse-pollution list, PERI’s “Greenhouse 100 Polluters.” So, there is some crossover between those two lists, but not much.

Almost all of the companies on both of these pollution-lists are overwhelmingly Republican in their political donations. (The Republican Party opposes taking measures against global warming.) Most of them are also members of the Koch-brothers-organized bundling operation that poured more than $400 million into advertisements for Republican candidates and policies during the 2012 campaign….

read the full article at TRUTHOUT

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Let’s Roll: Unraveling the Pentagon’s Toilet Paper Budget

By Dave Gilson, Mother Jones, Dec. 19, 2013

They say that an army marches on its stomach, but another measure of a military’s power may be how it protects its rear. The prospect of running out of government-issued TP has become a talking point against trimming defense spending. Former Undersecretary of the Navy Robert Work cautioned that if sequestration was allowed to continue, “we will go back to 1975 where I’m buying toilet paper for my Marines.” Former Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) warned of the bad old days before 9/11 when “we did not have enough money to get toilet paper for some of our soldiers.” So far, budget austerity does not appear to have seriously affected strategic toilet paper reserves, though the Air Force Academy went into a temporary holding pattern when its tissue procurer was furloughed.

Just how much TP the military goes through is a bureaucratic enigma. (Grunts in Vietnam were reportedly issued 19 squares a day.) According to contracting data, the Pentagon bought an average of $2 million worth of “toiletry paper products” annually between 2000 and 2010. Yet that figure jumped to $130 million in 2012. A closer look at the numbers reveals about $58 million of paper products you might conceivably wipe with, plus a ton of padding—including $2.7 million of lightbulbs and $9.6 million of canning supplies. Let’s just chalk up those to the Pentagon’s infamously sloppy accounting system.

So who is getting flush on the military’s bathroom budget? In 2012, the Pentagon’s—and the government’s—biggest vendor of toiletry paper products was Georgia-Pacific, a.k.a. Koch Industries.

see more links at Mother Jones

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Boycott and Defeat Koch Industries

For all of the posts on our site about the Koch Brothers, click here.

For a list of Koch products and related info, see the Facebook site Boycott and Defeat Koch Industries. From that site:

See also a list of $5000+ contributors to Gov. Walker (including Koch front groups) at Vote With Ur Wallet.

According to “The Koch Industries Boycott Grows Even Faster” at
Vote With Ur Wallet, March 3, 2011:

In less than a week the call to boycott Koch Industries products has spread like wildfire. Some people were calling for these boycotts when it was announced who Gov. Walker of Wisconsin’s puppet masters were. Then there was the infamous Koch Brothers prank phone call. People around not just the US but the world were floored when they heard the blatant corruption as Gov. Walker spilled the beans to what he thought was David Koch. That is when the boycott got rollerskates.

This was really a true grassroots movement. Those who had already known about the evil of the Koch brothers and their plan to subvert the political and democratic fabric of the nation were right on this. Now many others were jumping on it. People didn’t want to give these people their hard earned dollars and were genuinely offended by what is going on. To make things worse the Koch brothers wrote editorials mocking the American people….

read more at Vote With Ur Wallet


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