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To cut deficits, cut war spending

letter, Daily Local News, 4/28/11

There’s been a lot of talk lately about reducing deficits, even with harsh measures for public services and average Americans.

This in itself is rather unusual, considering the many years these deficits have been accumulating and piling up.

One area not often mentioned is that of reducing Pentagon, military, and war spending. This is sometimes not referred to as “spending” at all, but a taxpayer dollar spent there is naturally as much as one anywhere else.

These and related items account for about 56 percent of our national budget, roughly as much as all other countries combined.

War is, of course, an exceedingly costly undertaking, usually costing more and lasting longer than originally thought, and we have been involved in war now going on 10 years.

Some segments of the country profit from the preparation, execution, and recovery from war, but not the great majority of our people and society, those actually paying for it.

A number of representatives and senators, of various political persuasions, have proposed significantly reducing these expenditures to offset the deficits, they can be easily found on the Internet, and would certainly welcome any or all support.

David W. Long
West Chester


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