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Pipelines imperil our future, safety

Letter, Daily Local News, 10/18/16

Despite overwhelming evidence of a warming planet, our federal government has taken little action to address the root cause and places few impediments in the way of new large-scale investments in the very energy economy that would doom us. Not to be outdone, our Pennsylvania State Legislature has worked assiduously to block one of the few climate change initiatives to come out of the federal government: the EPA’s Clean Power Plan. This is not surprising considering that 53 Pennsylvania state legislators “earned” literally a zero percent environmental rating on the 2016 PA Environmental Scorecard compiled by PA Sierra Club, the League of Conservation Voters, PennEnvironment, and Clean Water Action.

Not only are our state legislators blocking the very modest EPA program to reduce emissions, they and our courts are moving us in the opposite direction by vesting for-profit corporations like Sunoco with the power of eminent domain, allowing dangerous pipelines to be foisted on landowners. It must be particularly upsetting to owners of seized land to learn that Sunoco plans to export most of the natural gas from the Mariner East 2 pipeline to Europe. Still more upsetting: pipeline corporations pay no property taxes on the land they seize and on average pay no more than 2.9% in total income taxes.

Exporting gas will mean more fracking and a need for even more pipelines. Continue reading


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Kennett Township officials urged to think green

By Matt Freeman, For Digital First Media, Daily Local News, 10/16/16

KENNETT TOWNSHIP >> The agenda for Kennett Township’s monthly meeting last night could arguably have been edited down to one line: the environmentalists’ maxim, “Think globally, act locally.”

Sierra Club representative Paula Kline told the supervisors that the organization was asking the nation’s municipalities to pledge to convert to entirely renewable energy sources by 2050.

Kline said the emissions from fossil fuels used by local governments contribute to the rising temperatures driving the global climate-change crisis. She mentioned the Paris Agreement a year ago, in which nearly 200 nations agreed to try to limit temperature rise to 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial norms.

Business as usual, Kline said, would allow temperatures to rise almost six degrees. “What we understand as life on earth will be irrevocably changed,” she said. “It’s urgent and our time is limited.”

Flooding, drought, food scarcity and other effects of climate change will impose a burden on local governments, Kline said.

The steps Kline recommended were substituting renewable electricity sources for those derived from fossil fuels. Technology has improved to where this is a relatively easy thing to do, she said, although converting heating to all-renewable energy was more of a challenge.

Kline said she would be glad to provide information from the Sierra Club to help the supervisors in their future energy-use planning….

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Proposed Mariner East gas pipeline route

from SE PA Sierra Club. Download Sierra Club handout here: fullPage_AreWePrepared

Proposed pipeline

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People’s Climate March: There’s no going back now

Sierra Club, Sept. 22, 2014

We just made history!

Yesterday, hundreds of thousands of people came together at the People’s Climate March in New York City. It was beyond massive and it was almost beyond belief. Standing in the middle of the march route along Central Park, I could see people in every direction, with signs, banners, flags, musical instruments, children in strollers — and incredible optimism and energy. There were so many people that the march lineup was over four miles long.

Take action now
to send that energy to the White House — tell President Obama and the EPA that you want climate action and climate justice!

It took four hours for the march to make its way through New York, past Times Square, the Radio City Music Hall, and even the headquarters of Fox News.

And even before it ended, I knew that no one could deny that the conversation had changed. Never before had so many people joined together to demand a just transition to a world free of the dirty, dangerous fossil fuels that have been wrecking our planet for too long — a demand for a clean and safe world powered by clean and safe energy.

That’s why the EPA’s new Clean Power Plan is such a big deal. It’s a new climate safeguard that will make coal and gas power plants reduce their climate pollution. By cracking down on dangerous carbon emissions, it’s signaling that the era of unlimited climate pollution is coming to an end. It’s something that our country can do right now to begin realizing the vision of the People’s Climate March.

Make sure President Obama and the EPA can’t ignore this call for clean energy and climate justice. Speak out for a strong and just Clean Power Plan.

The People’s Climate March showcased the energy and determination of the climate movement. It was a turning point in our national conversation, and there’s no going back now. Keep up the momentum by taking action now!

Thank you for all you do,

Michael Brune
Sierra Club Executive Director

P.S. Six messages are more powerful than one! After you take action, forward this message to five of your friends and family or share it on Facebook and Twitter.

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