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Why Poor Whites Chant Trump

from Jonna Ivin, “I Know Why Poor Whites Chant Trump, Trump, Trump,” STIR, Apr 1, 2016


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‘Inequality Is a Choice’

by Nicholas Kristof, New York Times, 5/2/15

THE eruptions in Baltimore have been tied, in complex ways, to frustrations at American inequality, and a new measure of the economic gaps arrived earlier this year:

It turns out that the Wall Street bonus pool in 2014 was roughly twice the total annual earnings of all Americans working full time at the federal minimum wage.

You read that right: Just the annual bonuses for just the sliver of Americans who work just in finance just in New York City dwarfed the combined year-round earnings of all Americans earning the federal minimum wage…..

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Sadness, Grief and Anger–From Selma to Ferguson to Baltimore

by Debilyn Molineaux, Coffee Party USA, CPUSA Newsletter, 5/7/15

As I write this today, I am watching what is happening in Baltimore as reactions to a death of an unarmed man in police custody has led to violence. I grieve for our loss of community — or the potential of community — as we retraumatize each other, over and over again. I’m angry that my “it’s not my problem” attitude has contributed to today’s violence.

I’m privileged to have grown up in a world where my contributions are wanted, valued and needed. What if I had grown up in poverty, without one or both parents, where violence was part of everyday life, mental illness was untreated and addiction just a way to cope? What if I had grown up in a community where justice was fleeting or missing? Making a contribution to others would be not just more challenging, but perhaps impossible.

continue reading at CPUSA Newsletter

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Who Police Killed In 2014

chart from Carimah Townes & Dylan Petrohilos, NationofChange, 12/13/14

Groups shot by law

read the article at NationofChange

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