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Who else was at that secret Koch brothers meeting?

email from Elizabeth Warren, 8/30/14

Mitch McConnell wasn’t the only 2014 Senate candidate at the secret Koch brothers strategy meeting caught on tape.

Three other Republican Senate nominees – Joni Ernst from Iowa, Tom Cotton from Arkansas, and Cory Gardner from Colorado – were all at the same retreat. They all more or less said the same thing:

Republican Joni Ernst told the millionaires and billionaires in the room that they were responsible for her rise in the Republican Party.

Republican Tom Cotton credited those same millionaires and billionaires for changing the whole political landscape in his state.

And Republican Cory Gardner said that outside money – millionaire and billionaire money – would decide his race.

That’s what our candidates are up against: a Republican Party bought and paid for by millionaires and billionaires in secret closed-door meetings. Can you help our Democratic candidates in Kentucky, Arkansas, Iowa, and Colorado fight back?

Donate right now to Alison Lundergan Grimes, Mark Pryor, Bruce Braley, and Mark Udall’s campaigns to send a message to the Koch brothers and their millionaire and billionaire friends: We’re not backing down.

This election in 2014 is about whose side you stand on, and the people in that Koch brothers meeting have made their positions clear.

They support loopholes and special breaks for millionaires and billionaires, while the federal government makes billions in profit off of our kids’ student loans. Big oil companies – some of the most profitable companies on the planet – are guzzling down billions of dollars in subsidies, while programs like Social Security and Medicare are constantly under attack.

In other words, the game is still rigged to make the rich and powerful even more rich and powerful. And if the Koch brothers and all the people who attended that meeting have their way, the playing field will only get more tilted in their favor.

Now here’s the scary part about all of this: We’re only a few votes away from losing the U.S. Senate this November. Every single one of the Republicans in that meeting – in Kentucky, Arkansas, Iowa, and Colorado – is within just a couple of points of our Democratic candidates in the polls.

We’ve stood up to the powerful interests before, and we can do it again. Donate now to Alison Lundergan Grimes, Mark Pryor, Bruce Braley and Mark Udall’s campaigns before August 31st.

Thank you for being a part of this,



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10 Frightening Promises by GOP Senate Candidates Secretly Taped at Koch Brothers Summit

By Steven Rosenfeld, AlterNet, 8/27/14

These excerpts show what is at stake in the November 2014 election should the GOP win control of both chambers

When politicians talk, money listens. So it was this past June when Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and three other 2014 Republican senate candidates told the millionaires in Charles and David Kochs’ anti-government network exactly what the return would be on their political investments if they bankrolled their electoral campaigns.

Politicians running for national office aren’t blunt. But from McConnell on down, these office holders and candidates made it clear that investing in the prospect of a Republican Senate majority would mean an end to immigration reform; a broad attack on regulations (at the EPA, SEC, IRS and others); gutting Obamacare; keeping student loan interest rates high; no minimum wage hikes; and no unemployment insurance extensions.

These were some of the promises made to donors, who were urged to bankroll “independent” front groups campaigning on their behalf, as revealed by a series of recordings obtained by several news organizations and published Wednesday….

continue reading at AlterNet

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300 Koch-Led Businessmen Pledge $500 Million to Turn the Senate Over to Republicans

By Jim Hightower, AlterNet, 7/2/14

The Koch boys, Charles and David, live in their own little world. It’s a special world, enshrouded in a rarefied atmosphere created by the fumes emanating from their family’s enormous stockpiles of wealth.

Thus, the two brothers have always felt very special, and they also expect those of us in the down-to-Earth world to treat them special, even heroic. The boys were born rich and right-wing, and they parlayed Daddy Fred Koch’s millions into a huge industrial conglomerate that has made each of them uberbillionaires. This has further bloated their sense of self-importance, while also giving them the financial muscle to try transforming our democratic world of egalitarian ideals into their fantasy world of laissez-fairy, social Darwinism, ruled by supermen like…well, like them, of course.

So, twice a year, the Kochs convene a secret summit of superrich supermen to plot strategy and pledge millions of dollars to their political transformation of America. In June, about 300 of the billionaire brotherhood gathered with Charlie and Dave at the St. Regis Monarch Bay Resort on the Southern California coast. As investigative reporter Lauren Windsor wrote in The Nation, the Koch confab, which bore the heroic title of “American Courage,” took over the entire luxury resort, including its golf course and restaurants, for three days, at the cost of nearly a million bucks—not counting charges for guest rooms.

David Koch provided a keynote talk, modestly titled “Saving America,” and attendees were treated to a feedfest of right-wing boilerplate from a gaggle of GOP congress critters summoned to the summit. The billionaires were especially delighted to hear Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell assure them that he would defend to his last sour breath their right to buy our elections.

Then, reports Windsor, the 300 Koch-headed supermen pledged to do just that, promising to put up $500 million this year to turn the U.S. senate over to Republican control.

You see, the beauty of our country’s present system of government is that anyone is perfectly free to buy a member of Congress….

continue reading at AlterNet

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