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The shooting at Umpqua Community College

by Karen Porter

One more. I am doing my usual fall semester teaching American law in Russia, and I find it impossible to explain to my students why this happens in America. People all over the world, including Russians here in Moscow, have for decades looked to the U. S. with hope as the place the world should be — but how can they now revere our country as these killings multiply? I find I am deeply ashamed. I was teaching young lawyers here in Russia when Sandy Hook happened – we held a moment of tearful silence, and my students wept with me. I find it hard to face them again in these inexplicable circumstances… and again… and again.

I am sad but also ashamed that the great democracy I teach them about year in and year out can’t solve this tragic problem. Americans don’t know how much these tragedies hurt everyone else in this world. If Americans can’t solve this problem, how can they have hope?

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A personal plea in memory of Kayla Mueller

I urge you to please donate to Kayla’s Hands, the organization established by Kayla Mueller’s family to fulfill her dreams, cut short when she was kidnapped and killed by ISIS. Kayla was a wonderful young woman whose story touched me so deeply. I want to do everything possible to make sure her life’s purpose is continued. Evil cannot end the beauty of this young woman.

Recently, several young Yazidi women who were also kidnapped, raped repeatedly, and brutalized by ISIS have informed the world of Kayla’s courage while they endured the worst one can suffer together. They said she tried not to cry or be weak in their presence, so as to give them courage. Recently, the news has come out that Kayla did not die in a bomb attack as previously reported – but at the brutal hands of her captors and rapists. Those Yazidi women who survived are telling her story now.

See www.kaylashands.org and in particular watch this video of Kayla so you’ll get to know her.

Kayla gives me courage. I hope all of you will help carry out her work by donating to the organization her family has established in her memory. Please donate generously now. We all look for places to “make a difference” – this is where you can. And, again, watch the video.

Karen Porter
The Chester County Peace Movement

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Free speech means free for all

Letter from Karen Porter, Daily Local News, 9/1/15 (not online at their site)

I probably disagree with Lincoln University’s Prof. Kaukab Siddique on most issues. In fact, his publicized opinions on many issues are odious to me.

However, I disagree just as much with State Sen. Anthony Hardy Williams’ call for Lincoln University to discipline Prof. Siddique. Sen. Williams’ words are just as dangerous as Prof. Siddique’s opinions. We can dismiss the professor’s opinions as absurd. However, Sen. Williams is a public official elected to a position of public trust and a position in which he should protect our freedoms, not try to take them away.

We live in the United States, not some totalitarian country with no civil or human rights. Sen. Williams’ call for discipline of this professor frightens me more than Prof. Siddique’s often absurd easily dismissible opinions. For a public official to call for squelching anyone’s First Amendment freedom – a freedom so many have fought and died for – is a travesty and a disservice to the senator’s constituents. I teach a graduate course in International Communications Law (and I have taught it both here and in Russia), and a huge part of that course is First Amendment freedom – and the lack thereof in many parts of the world. Sen. Williams would do well to take my course.

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We must stand together for freedom

Letter, Daily Local News, 01/11/15, from Karen Porter:

Today is a sad day for freedom. The vicious murders of 12 journalists, artists, and police officers in Paris at the newspaper Charlie Hebdo are direct threats to all we hold sacred, to our freedom.

When we hear people speak of “western values,” what most of us think about is freedom – particularly freedom of speech, press, assembly, and faith. Those “western values” are what make us. They are in our DNA. Those “western values” are at the very core of what civilization is, whether in the West or elsewhere.

This horrible tragedy in Paris, which is intended to threaten the very core of western values, is meant to make us cower, fear, and live in terror. To make us shut up, drop our pens, quiet our computers, throw away our paintbrushes, limit what we read or watch or see. We cannot do that. What happened today follows too closely on the heels of the effort to tell us what films we can see (“The Interview”). I watched that film, like millions of others, just to go on record as standing up for freedom. That’s the only response we can make….

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