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Thoughts and prayers are not enough – it’s time for action to prevent gun violence

Message asking signatures for petition at MoveOn.org

As the former Congressman from Newtown, Connecticut, I understand how important the thoughts and prayers of a nation can be for a grieving community. But right now, we also need action — to change our gun laws so that fewer of these shootings happen. Too many of my colleagues are covering over their cowardice and their fealty to the gun lobby by tweeting out sympathies.

Here’s the truth: if Congress won’t do anything to try to stop the soul-crushing, life-extinguishing gun violence epidemic in this country, then we might as well just pack up and go home.

Our collective silence in the face of these mass shootings is complicity, and it sends a quiet message that we are willing to accept these murders.

It is time for action.

That’s why I signed a petition to The United States House of Representatives and The United States Senate.

Will you sign this petition? Click here.


U.S. Senator Chris Murphy

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The shooting at Umpqua Community College

by Karen Porter

One more. I am doing my usual fall semester teaching American law in Russia, and I find it impossible to explain to my students why this happens in America. People all over the world, including Russians here in Moscow, have for decades looked to the U. S. with hope as the place the world should be — but how can they now revere our country as these killings multiply? I find I am deeply ashamed. I was teaching young lawyers here in Russia when Sandy Hook happened – we held a moment of tearful silence, and my students wept with me. I find it hard to face them again in these inexplicable circumstances… and again… and again.

I am sad but also ashamed that the great democracy I teach them about year in and year out can’t solve this tragic problem. Americans don’t know how much these tragedies hurt everyone else in this world. If Americans can’t solve this problem, how can they have hope?

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A good argument for gun control

Consider the consequences if the attacker had had a rapid-firing gun…. Article from the New York Times, 7/30/15, “Ultra-Orthodox Israeli Stabs 6 at a Gay Pride Parade for Second Time, Police Say,” by ISABEL KERSHNER:

JERUSALEM — An ultra-Orthodox Jewish man who had recently been released from prison after serving 10 years for stabbing participants in the annual Gay Pride Parade here in 2005 struck again Thursday, stabbing six marchers in this year’s parade, according to the police.

Two of the victims were in serious condition, according to the emergency services. The assailant, Yishai Schlissel, was pinned to the ground on a central Jerusalem street and arrested by police officers who were stationed along the route, the police said.

Mr. Schlissel wounded three marchers a decade ago at a spot not far from Thursday’s attack and was convicted of attempted murder. He was said to have told the police that he had come “to kill in the name of God.” He was released from prison a month ago…

read the full article at New York Times

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Louisiana’s Gun Problem

by Ian Millhiser, ThinkProgress, Jul 24, 2015, excerpt:

…Louisiana, the state where this occurred, has some of the weakest — if not the weakest — gun laws in the nation. To give just one example, Louisiana recently enacted an NRA-backed state constitutional amendment providing that “[t]he right of each citizen to keep and bear arms is fundamental and shall not be infringed,” and that “any restriction on this right” will be met with maximal skepticism by the states’ courts. The amendment also stripped out language permitting the state legislature to “prohibit the carrying of weapons concealed on a person.”

Similarly, Louisiana does not require gun dealers to obtain a state license. It does not limit the number of guns that may be purchased at one time. It forbids local governments from regulating firearms. And it has no laws restricting assault weapons or .50 caliber

read full article and follow links at ThinkProgress

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