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What does the Tea Party actually do?


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by | January 25, 2014 · 9:07 am

Fox: The Liars’ Network

by Eric Alterman, The Nation, 4/25/11

…the problem with Fox is not that it’s conservative. It’s that it lies. Any discussion of its role in American political life is itself a lie if it rests on that foundation. When a “real” journalist … lends his name to Fox, he is simply empowering these lies. When journalists from media enterprises that profess to value truth defend Fox … they are enabling its lies. And when politicians, pundits and anyone else not formally employed by Rupert Murdoch or Roger Ailes appear on Fox without pointing out that they are there to tell the truth for once, then they, too, are participating in a scam at the bottom of which is not only the comforting of the wealthy at the expense of the rest of us but also the undermining of our democracy under the weight of a teetering tower of lies….

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