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End Homelessness Rally, May 4, West Chester

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Activists take to West Chester corners

By JIM CALLAHAN, Daily Local News, 03/02/13

WEST CHESTER — While Sheepdogs and the Chester County Peace Movement took their customary stand-off positions at High and Market streets Saturday, the American Friends Service Committee was up the block outside the old courthouse protesting the federal budget.

The Friends were not there over the issue of the day: the political train wreck between President Obama and Congress resulting from mandatory federal budget cuts that took effect Friday.

The group of Friends were protesting budget allocations in general that favor national defense over other programs. A yards-long banner was held up by members standing on the lawn to passing High Street traffic showing, in red, 60 percent of regular expenditures allocated for the Department of Defense, Veterans Affairs and nuclear weapons. Meanwhile, the banner portrayed increasingly smaller expenditures in lighter colors for a variety of other programs including health, human services, education, aid to states, energy, NASA and so on – the domestic programs of government.

“People need to get involved in establishing priorities for expenditures,” said Ted Brinton of Kennett. He pointed out that the mandatory cuts made were across the board in the budget. They do not affect the priorities of the Congress.

In the view of the seven or eight demonstrators Saturday people should be urging Congress to reorder all spending priorities, away from the defense budget and toward the people of the country.

Real security, Brinton said, comes from program funding to help people: education, food, making life better. “That is real security,” he said, “not on whether we have thousands of troops all over the world.”

The Sheepdogs down on the corner disagree with all that. …

Daily Local News

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Groups merge for post-Newtown vigil

by Brent Glasgow, Daily Local News, 12/23/12

WEST CHESTER — For a decade, the Chester County Peace Movement has had its members on the courthouse square, rallying for a less-violent human existence. On Saturday, the gathering was different.

Anti-gun violence demonstrators held up signs for ‘Peace for Children’ and ‘NRA Go Away’ on the southeast corner of High and Market Streets in West Chester Borough, Saturday morning December 22, 2012. Some held stuffed animals, in remembrance of the 20 children killed at the Sandy Hook, Elementary School in Connecticut earlier in the month.

In the wake of last week’s murder of 20 children and six adults in Newtown, Conn., the group created to oppose the U.S. invasion of Iraq honored the victims with a vigil, and a public stance against firearm proliferation across the nation.

“We’re hoping this horrible tragedy will bring some peace to our own soil, because we certainly need it,” Chester County Peace Movement Director Karen Porter said. “It’s too bad that kids getting killed at a high school didn’t bring us to that point, or at a Sikh temple, Virginia Tech or a movie theater. But these little children … I hope it changes things.”

The Chester County Peace Movement was joined Saturday by members of Veterans for Peace, who were inspired by the group’s decision to hold the vigil.

“We used to come out regularly, but haven’t for a while,” said Chuck Rossi, an Air Force veteran who served from 1966-70. “We wanted to come out and show some solidarity with them.”

Since the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School, there has been a mass call for introspection concerning violence and guns. Porter said she believes the America that exists today is not what is should or could be.

“We are in a culture of fear,” Porter said….

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