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Torture kept no one safe

letter in the Inquirer, 5/27/09:

The remarks by former Vice President Dick Cheney on Thursday were as shady as President Obama’s were candid (“Squaring off on closing Guantanamo,” Friday).

Consider, for instance, Cheney’s reference to the “willful attempt to conflate what happened at Abu Ghraib prison with the top-secret program of enhanced interrogations.” Anyone who has read the Red Cross report and the recently released memos showing CIA interrogators in continual contact with Office of Legal Counsel attorneys can easily trace what went on at Abu Ghraib right back up the chain of command. The enhanced techniques were not invented at Abu Ghraib, but in Washington, while White House attorneys provided dubious legal cover.

It is time to end the myth that these practices kept Americans safe. It is time to call these “enhanced interrogation methods” by their real name: torture.

Barbara Quintiliano

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