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Letter to Rep. Joe Sestak

letter, Philadelphia Daily News, December 9, 2009

Dear Mr. Sestak, 

As a veteran who supported you, attended your press conferences and TV commercial, and most importantly, believed you were a man of integrity who would do what you were elected for, I am writing to express my deep disappointment, anger, and contempt for your votes to continue funding this corrupt administration’s illegal war. Turns out that the kids being deployed to Iraq for the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th times would have been just as well off with Curt Weldon. As would the Iraqi people. Likewise Halliburton.  Continue reading

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Rep. Sestak (D-PA 07) on Iraq, 2006 and 2009

from On The Issues:

“We’ve achieved our goals; withdraw from Iraq by end of 2007

“Withdraw from Iraq by end of next year: We must use our prompt military disengagement from Iraq to force the three major parties to understand that America has achieved its ends: (1) no weapons of mass destruction threaten us; (2) we have provided a framework for democracy; (3) we have provided resources to begin to revive their economy; and (4) a torturous dictatorship has been removed.”

Source: Campaign website,, Issues, 11/7/06

from Joe Sestak, Democrat for Senate, Defense, 9/3/09:

“Even as we drawn down our forces in Iraq, our gains remain fragile and we must ensure stability until we complete withdrawal at the end of 2011. Additionally, in the months ahead we will begin major new deployments to Afghanistan to ensure that Al Qaeda can never again have a safe haven there. The situation in Pakistan also remains highly unstable and demands our full attention. All of these threats must be addressed with the utmost transparency for the taxpayer and fairness to the brave servicemen and women who defend us overseas.”

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Sestak vs. Washington

“…Just a few months ago, this great nation of ours was on the brink of a great depression — not because of any outside catastrophic set of events, but rather because of the simple forces of greed, short-sightedness, backroom dealing and a long-standing lack of accountability, particularly from Washington, D.C.,” said the sophomore congressman and former U.S. Navy vice admiral. “Those people you sent to Washington to represent you, to look out for you, failed to do so and they must be held accountable….”

— Congressman Joe Sestak (D-PA07), in announcing his candidacy against Arlen Specter, quoted in “Sestak declares Senate candidacy,” Daily Local News, 8/5/09.

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