This is Disarm Hate week

from Shira Goodman, director, CeaseFirePA, 6/14/17

This is Disarm Hate week, a week that began with the one year anniversary of the horrific Pulse shooting and that ends with the two year anniversary of the tragic shooting at the AME Church in Charleston. Two mass shootings memorialized in the same week should be enough, but today we learned of another shooting, this time in Virginia, targeting U.S. Representatives and their staff. Once again, we are reminded that no one is immune from gun violence — this problem touches all of us, no matter who we are or where we live.

We deserve to be safe where we live, work, pray, learn, and play. We deserve to be free from fear and worry when we are out living our lives. That we are not, in America in 2017, should be our great shame.

We know the problem — easy access to guns by those who should not have them, easy access to powerful weapons by those intent on doing harm. We know how to solve the problem. Disarming hate is what will make us safer.

What we lack is leaders with the will and courage to take action. Let’s change that.


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