It’s been 3 years

email from Shira Goodman, CeaseFirePA, 12/14/15

Today we mark three years since the horrific mass shooting at Sandy Hook.

Let’s take stock of what’s happened in those three years:

Hundreds of thousands more Americans have been injured or killed by guns.
Our cities have seen gun homicide rates rise.
There have been hundreds of mass shootings.
The US Senate has failed to pass expanded background checks.
PA allowed the NRA special legal status to sue our cities.

It’s easy to get outraged. And we should be.

But we’ve also had some moments that give us hope. Both PA Senators voted twice to expand background checks; we’ve seen the PA Commonwealth Court strike down the special standing law as unconstitutional; and we have bipartisan bills to expand the PA background check system pending in the State House and Senate.

Reducing gun violence isn’t always an easy issue to work on. We don’t win every battle but it’s important work, and we can’t take a day off. Our movement is growing, and your voice and your actions make us stronger.


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