Charles Koch “Expects a Return” on Political Spending, and Gets It

By Brendan Fischer, PRWatch, on November 4, 2015

Billionaire mega-donor Charles Koch admitted that the handful of billionaires who bankroll political campaigns are doing it because they expect something in return.

Yet the outsized influence of the .00001% doesn’t threaten democracy, he said, as long as a fellow billionaire thinks those big donors have the right intentions.

Koch appeared with his brother David on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” this week as part of a PR blitz to soften the Koch brothers’ image ahead of the 2016 elections, where the Koch network plans to spend $250 million on direct electoral activities and a total of nearly $1 billion on broader political work.

The fawning interview followed months of positive Koch coverage from the “Morning Joe” hosts, who attended a Koch donor confab earlier this year and have praised the Kochs as “awesome” and a “godsend.” (Neither MSNBC nor the Kochs will say who covered the hosts’ travel and other expenses to attend the summit.)

Although most of this week’s pre-recorded interview featured softball questions, host Joe Scarborough did ask:

“So let’s talk about money in politics. There was a New York Times article, I’m sure you saw it, a couple of weeks back, saying something like 150 families have contributed to the candidates that are in the race right now, the overwhelming amount of money. That’s not a way to run a democracy, is it?”…

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