Report from the Bars, Barriers, or Justice expo and conference

Amnesty International Group 342, 11/4/15

Group 342 member Barbara attended the Bars, Barriers, or Justice expo and conference held in West Chester, PA, on 31 October. She wrote the following report (originally posted here) about the event and has given permission for it to be reproduced on this blog.

Sunday, November 1, 2015
Hidden in not-so-plain sight

Who goes to prison in our country and who goes free? Do we help integrate released prisoners back into society . . . or do we force them to spend the rest of their lives paying their debt?

These were the hefty human questions considered at yesterday’s “Bars, Barriers, or Justice?” expo and conference, held at the C. A. Melton Arts and Education Center in West Chester, PA. My husband Bob and I represented Amnesty International Group 342 and were accompanied by Ron Coburn, Bidisha, and Elzat from the AIUSA Philadelphia Group.

I had the privilege of speaking on the morning panel with Patrick Hall of Campaign to Defeat the New Jim Crow and T.L. (short for Talila Lewis) from HEARD (Helping Educate to Advance the Rights of the Deaf)….

continue reading and see photos and links at Amnesty International Group 342

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