The shooting at Umpqua Community College

by Karen Porter

One more. I am doing my usual fall semester teaching American law in Russia, and I find it impossible to explain to my students why this happens in America. People all over the world, including Russians here in Moscow, have for decades looked to the U. S. with hope as the place the world should be — but how can they now revere our country as these killings multiply? I find I am deeply ashamed. I was teaching young lawyers here in Russia when Sandy Hook happened – we held a moment of tearful silence, and my students wept with me. I find it hard to face them again in these inexplicable circumstances… and again… and again.

I am sad but also ashamed that the great democracy I teach them about year in and year out can’t solve this tragic problem. Americans don’t know how much these tragedies hurt everyone else in this world. If Americans can’t solve this problem, how can they have hope?


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