Toomey is blocking job creation

Letter, The Times of Chester County, March 16, 2015, from Nathaniel Smith, West Chester

Our state has a proud history as a center of manufacturing. Of course the economy evolves, but we have also sustained self-inflicted damage. US taxpayers have been paying to encourage corporations to outsource their production and even to move their headquarters abroad. What sense does that make (except to the corporations, of course)?

I recall a few years ago, IBM fired a lot of workers and then offered to find them jobs… in India, at prevailing Indian wages. Not helpful. That’s like Wal-Mart advising its employees to see public relief to feed their families.

For years, Congress has been considering bills to give companies incentive to hire in the US, reduce the outflow of capital, and train American workers.

And what does the former head of the lobby group Club for Growth, now the junior senator from PA, have to say? Wrong question; what has he done?

Answer: Sen. Pat Toomey has been part of a filibuster against the Bring Jobs Home Act….

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