Advocacy leader looks to thank 50,000 police officers

by Richard Gaw, Chester County Press, 2/03/2015

For the past several years, Susan Rzucidlo, founder and director of SPEAK Unlimited, Inc., has collaborated with police departments across the state and the nation.

In fact, throughout her career as an advocate for families, police have been a nearly constant presence in Rzucidlo’s life. Through her nonprofit agency, she has collaborated with former New Garden Police Chief Kevin McCarthy in co-creating the Pennsylvania Premise Alert System in 2008, that allows police officers to better communicate with people who are in an emergency health situation. Working side-by-side with police officers, she created a program that trains emergency responders to help those with mental or physical disabilities. She provided information and recommendations to the Pennsylvania State Police regarding school safety and mental health services, which have been used in a statewide safety evaluation program.

In that time, Rzucidlo’s roll-up-the-sleeves work with law enforcement has been a relationship built on ideas and supported by the bedrock of law enforcement, but when the images of Ferguson, Missouri and State Island, New York began to burn into the nation’s consciousness last year, Rzucidlo saw that bedrock crumbling. The questionable actions of a few officers, she felt, were beginning to unfairly drag millions of other officers down into the quagmire of dissent, division and racial divide.

Rzucidlo knew that it would be impossible for her to approach every single officer in Pennsylvania and thank them for their hard work and dedication to keeping the citizens of their town or municipality safe — after all, there are more than 25,000 active police officers in the state and several thousand retired officers — so she came up with a far more feasible method of sending thanks.

SPEAK Unlimited, Inc. has printed 50,000 thank you business cards that Rzucidlo intends to send to every active and non-active police officer in Pennsylvania….

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See also “Local woman initiates thanks to every police officer in state,” Daily Local News, 2/7/10


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