We must stand together for freedom

Letter, Daily Local News, 01/11/15, from Karen Porter:

Today is a sad day for freedom. The vicious murders of 12 journalists, artists, and police officers in Paris at the newspaper Charlie Hebdo are direct threats to all we hold sacred, to our freedom.

When we hear people speak of “western values,” what most of us think about is freedom – particularly freedom of speech, press, assembly, and faith. Those “western values” are what make us. They are in our DNA. Those “western values” are at the very core of what civilization is, whether in the West or elsewhere.

This horrible tragedy in Paris, which is intended to threaten the very core of western values, is meant to make us cower, fear, and live in terror. To make us shut up, drop our pens, quiet our computers, throw away our paintbrushes, limit what we read or watch or see. We cannot do that. What happened today follows too closely on the heels of the effort to tell us what films we can see (“The Interview”). I watched that film, like millions of others, just to go on record as standing up for freedom. That’s the only response we can make….

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