Man’s Worst Enemy: 6 Negligent Gun Owners Who Were Shot by Their Own Dogs

by Harmon Leon, Alternet, 12/30/14

Guns don’t kill people; dogs with guns kill people—or so it would seem from the recent rash of gun owners who have been accidently shot by their dogs.

This trend isn’t part of a canine uprising; it’s mostly due to gun-toting Americans who have neglected the simple rules of weapon safety. Usually these stories end up in the “Weird” or “Funny” sections of news sites with headlines like “Doggone,” “Bad Dog,” etc. After all, it’s “funny” when a dog accidently shoots its owner. (Less funny if it accidentally shoots a child.)….

continue reading at Alternet. See also “Woman at Walmart Is Accidentally Shot Dead by 2-Year-Old Son,” New York Times, 12/30/14


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