Militarists mire America deeper in Afghan war

by Jim Hightower, 12/2/14

Only a few months ago President Obama announced the good news that our combat role in Afghanistan – the longest war in American history – would finally end by January 1.

But put away the champagne, for a flock of screeching war hawks brought heavy political pressure on Obama to reverse himself. So our troops will stay in that war-ravaged, corrupt, bankrupted, ethnically-divided country for at least another year or two. Amazingly, the hawks’ argument was that Obama should not rush the timeline for training Afghan security forces to defend their own country.

Rush? Hello: IT’S BEEN 13 YEARS! “Operation Enduring Freedom,” as this mess of a military mission was named, should be renamed “Operation Endless War.” …

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see also, by Jim Hightower, “Egged on by the Hawks of Doom, Obama sinks America into a misguided war with the Islamic State, Nov. 2014

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