Charles Koch Personally Founded Group Protecting Oil Industry, Hand-Outs, Documents Reveal

by Lee Fang, The National Memo, 9/2/14

“Lifestyles of the Rich Environmentalists,” produced by a group
called the Institute for Energy Research, is a slick web video
campaign designed to lampoon Leonardo DiCaprio and as
hypocrites for supporting action on climate change. The claim is that
wealthy celebrities who oppose industrial-scale pollution supposedly
shouldn’t fly in airplanes that use fossil fuels. The group, along
with its subsidiary, the American Energy Alliance, churns out a
steady stream of related content, from Facebook memes criticizing the
Environmental Protection Agency, to commercials demanding approval of
new oil projects like the Keystone XL, to a series of television
campaign advertisements this year attacking Democratic candidates in
West Virginia, Colorado, North Carolina and Alaska. On Capitol Hill,
IER aggressively opposes any effort to repeal tax breaks afforded to
the oil and gas industry.

Documents obtained by Republic Report reveal for the first time that
the group was actually founded by none other than Charles Koch, the
petrochemical, manufacturing, and oil-refining tycoon worth an
estimated $52 billion….

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