10 Frightening Promises by GOP Senate Candidates Secretly Taped at Koch Brothers Summit

By Steven Rosenfeld, AlterNet, 8/27/14

These excerpts show what is at stake in the November 2014 election should the GOP win control of both chambers

When politicians talk, money listens. So it was this past June when Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and three other 2014 Republican senate candidates told the millionaires in Charles and David Kochs’ anti-government network exactly what the return would be on their political investments if they bankrolled their electoral campaigns.

Politicians running for national office aren’t blunt. But from McConnell on down, these office holders and candidates made it clear that investing in the prospect of a Republican Senate majority would mean an end to immigration reform; a broad attack on regulations (at the EPA, SEC, IRS and others); gutting Obamacare; keeping student loan interest rates high; no minimum wage hikes; and no unemployment insurance extensions.

These were some of the promises made to donors, who were urged to bankroll “independent” front groups campaigning on their behalf, as revealed by a series of recordings obtained by several news organizations and published Wednesday….

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