4th of July – Don’t Do Koch Campaign!

email from Coffee Party USA and Big Apple Coffee Party, 6/27/14

Coffee Party USA is proud to connect Coffee Party members and supporters with a great idea from Big Apple Coffee Party.

Big Apple Coffee Party is launching the Declare Your Independence from the Koch Brothers! campaign that asks people not to buy Koch products for their Fourth of July celebrations. 

We’re aiming to have flyering events across the country around the weekend of June 28th to remind people that the supplies they buy for their Fourth of July parties shouldn’t profit the Koch Brothers. We’ll tell people that their Dixie cups dilute the value of their vote—so they should use something else to celebrate their freedom.

We’ve created a Don’t Do Koch website to promote the “Declare Your Independence” campaign and to support our on-going Don’t Do Koch actions.  There’s a toolkit with a pdf of our supermarket flyer and other materials useful in organizing flyering events.

Please check dontdokoch.org and sign up to host or join a flyering event in your neighborhood in the days before July 4th.  And continue to visit the site to see our latest blogs featuring our flyering events and news of the Koch Brothers.

If you have any questions or want additional information about the campaign, feel free to contact us at bigapplecoffeeparty@gmail.com.

Many of you flyered during our last big April Fool the Koch Brothers: Don’t Do Koch on April 1 campaign that was a resounding success with flyering actions in 10 states.  With your help, we can do it again.

Bernadette, Bruce, Chuck, Dan, Emily, Lawrene, Linda, Mort, Nina, Paul, Roberto, Rose, Stephanie, Sally
Big Apple Coffee Party Don’t Do Koch Committee

excerpt from toolkit with supermarket flyer:

Don't do Koch


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