My Keystone XL Comment

by Lisa Longo, 3/7/14

A promise was made, this pipeline would not be approved if it were going to seriously impact our environment. We know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that this pipeline is going to have a significant negative impact on our environment.

We don’t need it. And we don’t want it. This is Canadian tar sands sludge. This pipeline moves it through our country to a tax-free export zone. How is that patriotic or fiscally responsible? How does it help the US end its addiction to foreign oil? How does it help us move to a sustainable and renewable economy?

Not only should the pipeline be rejected, but we need to insist that transport by rail or truck is restricted. The spills, leaks, accidents, explosions and mistakes are happening more often, and costing US taxpayers more. The tar sands takes more energy to extract than we will ever receive. Why are we continuing on this dirty fossil fuel foolish path? We know there is a better way, we know how to do it.

At some point, someone has to be strong enough to stand up for our values. To say, this is wrong and we won’t allow it. Greed is the only motivation for extracting the tar sands sludge. Greed is the only motivation for this pipeline.

It is time for the US to be a leader in energy. It is time for a strategic reduction of consumption and conversion to renewable energy. We have to start here, today, and draw our line in the dirty tar sands.

Our President said, “Let us be the generation to slow the rise of the seas…”, we cannot do that and allow this pipeline. We cannot be that generation and ignore the devastation caused by extreme extraction. We cannot be that generation if we allow the contamination of our land, air and water so a few people can exploit our planet and move their profits offshore. We cannot be that generation if this pipeline is approved. We cannot be that generation if allow greed to overrule science. And we cannot be that generation if we sit idly by while our national security is traded for tax-free profit.

We can be that generation if we reject this pipeline. By rejecting the Keystone XL we send a message that we are serious about protecting our planet. We can be that generation if we begin a serious and strategic reduction of consumption of fossil fuels. We can be that generation if we stop extreme extraction on all BLM land and have a moratorium on all new FERC permits for drilling and pipelines while we draft a national energy policy based on reduction of consumption.

We can start today. We start by rejecting the Keystone.

And then tomorrow, we start moving forward on a path to renewable and sustainable development, staring with our schools. We convert our schools and we create jobs, cut costs, balance budgets, and we can even create a revenue stream for our schools. The dirty little secret of the fossil fuel industry is that we don’t need to pay for fuel, we have an endless free source available to us. More than one. We have solar. We have wind. We have geothermal.

We move forward tomorrow by insisting Congress pass the FRAC Act. We move forward by insisting we stop the $4 billion annual gift to the fossil fuel industry and we invest in renewable and sustainable energy, as our US Marine Corps and US Navy are already doing.

We start here. We start now. We start by rejecting the Keystone XL today. And tomorrow, we start our renewable future.


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