WV: Freedom Industries Has Ties to Koch Brothers

by dharmafarmerFollow, Daily Kos, 1/11/14. (For a list of all posts relevant to the Koch Brothers on this site, click here.)

Very briefly …

If news reports have left you with the impression that Freedom Industries – the company that has contaminated the water supply serving 300,000 people (and who knows how much wildlife) in nine West Virginia counties – is a rinky-dink Charleston operation, that might be because the media isn’t mentioning its influential ties.

In 2008, Freedom Industries was specially selected by Georgia-Pacific Chemicals as a distributor of G-P’s Talon brand mining reagents for West Virginia, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, Minnesota, Kentucky and Michigan.

Georgia-Pacific Chemicals is, of course, a subsidiary of Georgia-Pacific, which was acquired by Koch Industries in 2005.

“We are excited to offer our customers inventive products like Talon that push past the status quo in coal recovery to bring profit and productivity benefits to mining preparation plants,” said Joshua Herzing, director of business development for Freedom Industries. “Georgia Pacific’s longstanding technical expertise and R&D capabilities combined with the industry knowledge, skill and reputation of Freedom Industries will provide an excellent platform for growth and development of new technology to meet existing and future customer demands. We are proud to be part of Georgia-Pacific’s strategy as a global supplier of mining reagents in multiple market segments.”

There’s lots more to the story, People.

[Below is the company’s own photo of the offending plant, known as Etowah River Terinal:]



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