97% of cuts to food stamps target just 15 blue states

from Democracy For America, 2/2/14

Last Wednesday, the U.S. House voted to cut a horrifying $8.7 billion from food stamps. Next week, the Senate will face the same bill.

Almost all of the food stamp cuts come from 16 states and the District of Columbia — including Pennsylvania. The rest of the nation is left virtually untouched.

Please join DFA and our friends at DailyKos in asking your U.S. Senators to just say “no” to food stamp cuts.

But wait, that’s not all — 15 of these 16 states voted for President Obama twice, and 28 of their 32 senators are Democrats. In other words, these cuts are targeted overwhelmingly at poor folks in blue states.

This latest version of the Farm Bill cuts food stamps and overwhelmingly impacts low-income folks in blue states. Sign and send DFA and DailyKos’ petition to your two Senators, telling them to vote “no” on the Farm Bill.

We’ve been fighting an uphill battle for months and we are now in the last moments. As frustrating as it is, keeping on the pressure is the best way to discourage Senators from making a costly mistake.

Thank you for all you do.

Monique Teal
Campaign Manager, Democracy for America

Can you chip in $3 to help DFA keep fighting on food stamps?


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