What if

by Lisa Longo, 12/8/13

1982, I was graduating high school. Like millions of other students all over America, I was hoping for a spot in one of our prestigious colleges for Public Policy or Teaching. Waiting for the letter to come, it was all I could think about. I was hoping to go to either Washington, DC or Chicago to study Public Policy before entering public service.

I was one of the lucky ones, with my nearly perfect GPA I would qualify for a subsidy, as long as I worked in public service for at least 5 years, my student loans would be paid off. Since President Kennedy had established these schools in 1964, the year I was born, they had become the most sought after in the nation.

No one could forget that day in Dallas in 1963, but we were all so glad that the President had recovered. His Administration had gone on to be one of the most progressive in history, and he was easily reelected. He and his brother continued to work on social issues , even now, 14 years after he left office, the former President was still working on social justice issues with his brother, who had succeeded him as President. President Bobby Kennedy had been the one to change our health care system, now every US citizen had health coverage.

They along with Dr. Martin Luther King, continued to be our moral compass. They gave us our inspiration to do better, dream bigger, and remember to always ask, what can we do for our country? Dr. King had become instrumental in passing the Civil Rights Act, and had become Secretary of Education under JFK. His strategy to develop Academies of Learning, utilizing the legislation passed by the first President Kennedy, had brought funding to struggling poor and urban schools.

Some elections had so many candidates, President Bobby had instituted Public Service Ads for all candidates, along with the 1970 FCC decision to not allow any advertising on a news program, these two things were seen as revolutionizing our elections….

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