Almost a year since Sandy Hook

In a few weeks, we will commemorate the first anniversary of the Sandy Hook mass shooting.  We will hold candles, read names and demand change. Across the nation, mothers, fathers, sons and daughters will gather together to remember all the victims of gun violence — the 26 at Sandy Hook, and the thousands before and since.

And what do we hear from Harrisburg? Silence. Silence in the face of horrific tragedy; silence when we could take steps as a community that would keep us safer.

We should be ashamed. Pennsylvania should be leading the nation. Indeed, our two U.S. Senators did just that. But back home, we have elected officials working hard to avoid taking a stand on simple things like expanding background checks.

Tell them you’ve had enough. Tell them it’s time. Tell them if they persist in this silence, they will be hearing the deafening roar of Pennsylvanians ready for change.

Call the chairmen of the Judiciary Committee and tell them we are not going to sit by quietly. We want a vote on HB 1010 to expand background checks to cover long guns.

Sample Script:

Hi, my name is _____ and I’m calling to let the Representative know that I support a vote on HB 1010 to expand background checks. Pennsylvanians deserve to know where their Representatives stand on this important issue.

Rep. Ron Marscio (717) 783-2014

Rep. Thomas Caltagirone (717) 787-3525


Shira Goodman
Executive Director


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