The Shot Over The Bough [sic]

[This article, excerpted here for current reference, shows the conservative ideology at work, four years ago, to take over the local Republican party as well as the West Chester Area School Board. It is from the Pennsylvania Conservative Council newsletter for February 4, 2009. The author, at the time the executive director of the Pennsylvania Conservative Council, is now running for reelection to the WCASD board.]

by Sean Carpenter

One of the key strategies of the Pennsylvania Conservative Council is to help conservatives win elections. We had our first step towards that end last night, when four conservative candidates, myself included, won the four Republican endorsements for West Chester Area School Board. This was quite an accomplishment, as there were two other candidates planted by our opposition hoping to keep their liberal majority intact.

We won the endorsements because of one thing – preparation….

…This is exactly how we want to take back the Republican party – using superior preparation and ideas to win these battles. This is how we get office holders we can support with pride, rather than ones that are an embarrassment to us all. This is how the Pennsylvania Conservative Council will approach all its races, with superior preparation and execution, and this is how we will take back the Republican party for conservatism.

This is also another example of why I wholeheartedly support Chester County Action. All four candidates were recruited and coached by Gwenne and her group, and it is only with her group’s guidance that we succeeded. We have a tremendous partner in Chester County Action, and together with the PACC this is only the beginning.

We have officially fired the shot across the liberal Republican bough [sic].

To liberty!

Sean, West Chester Area School Board Candidate

[To read the full Feb. 2009 article, download issue no. 4 of the newsletter here: PACC newsletter Feb. 5, 2009. For Chester County ACTION (Americans for Christian Traditions in Our Nation), mentioned above, now ACTION of PA, see here.]


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