Fourteen questions on Syria for the U.S. Congress

by Nathaniel Smith, Politics A View from West Chester, 9/3/13:

Is it worse for a government to kill its own people (Syria, Egypt, Turkey, Russia, China…) or other people (Israel, Palestine, Pakistan, India…)?

Is killing people by chemical weapons worse than killing them by nuclear bombs, traditional bombs, guns, drones, and sanctions preventing the importation of medical supplies?

When Iraq killed its own citizens by the Halabja poison gas attack in 1988, were you then in favor of the US attacking Iraq?

Have you voted or will you vote for funds to destroy the remaining chemical weapons in US stockpiles (second to Russia’s)?

Is it your belief that the US and its allies have never used chemical weapons* or sold them to others who have used them?

Do you care whether or not the UN and NATO support an attack?

Do you believe the Syrian regime is a threat to US national security?

How many Syrians are you comfortable with killing and wounding in a US attack?

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