Repeal “Stand Your Ground” in PA

Petition at

By Tom Buglio (Contact)

To be delivered to: The Pennsylvania State Senate

Petition Statement

Whereas Stand Your Ground was intended to provide legal means for Pennsylvanians to defend themselves with use of deadly force outside of the home when threatened with serious harm, we contend that Stand Your Ground invites more people who do not have gun safety training, who may harbor vigilante type notions, to look for confrontations that can turn dangerous and deadly. Self Defense laws already exist.

Petition Background

Stand Your Ground Law in PA is an unnecessary law that can cause more harm than good. Extending the Castle Doctrine to using a gun outside of the home for self defense invites dangerous confrontations and vigilante type behavior, such as the George Zimmerman / Trayvon Martin case demonstrated. The 22 States with Stand Your Ground laws have 8% more homicides than before they enacted the law.

Notes from Progressive Network SEPA

1) For a recent history of the law and assessment of similarities and differences between PA and FL laws, see “Like Fla., Pa. Has “Stand Your Ground” Law” by Ann Marie Awad,, 7/16/13

2) For PA gun violence control news, see CeaseFirePA


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