Our schools are winning awards, and that is because of our teachers, not our overhead

by Lisa Longo, Phoenixville Patch, June 11, 2013

Thursday night there was a special public meeting of the Phoenixville School Board for a vote and discussion of amendments regarding the 2013/2014 budget.

There were three amendments proposed:

1. Reduce funding to the Phoenixville Public Library from the requested $508,000 to $490,000
2. Eliminate the pay to participate fee
3. Eliminate a reserve in the budget of approximately $1,000,000, resulting in no tax increase this year

The first amendment, put forward by Paul Slanika failed to get a second and did not move forward. It is worth mentioning that Board President Jay Gould reminded the Board that the Library has had a “flat” request for the last few years, and faces the same budget issues as the school district. The argument made by Mr. Slanika, that “all children” benefit from a tax increase to the school but not from the library was one he has made before. I responded to this argument at an earlier meeting by reminding the Board and Mr. Slanika that not every taxpayer has a child in our public school but many of them use the Library. I was happy to hear my statement echoed by a Board member last night….

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